Julie Scheurweghs
Julie Scheurweghs


Julie Scheurweghs
°1988, Ostend
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium


Selected exhibitions

Solo show

  • 2019. Woman as Parts. Botanique. Brussels (B)

  • 2018. Against the backdrop of time. Penthouse Art Residency project. NH Bloom. Brussels (B)

  • 2017. As Far as the Eye Can See, Witte Rook. Breda (NL)

  • 2016. I hope you find some comfort in this, Kunst in de Wachtruimte. David vzw, Gent (B)

  • 2015. The party’s over, Backtoback. Berlin (D)

  • 2015. Bitter pill to swallow, HoMe. Brussel (B)

  • 2015. The Morning After, De familie Jansens. Ostend (B)

  • 2014. A change of Scenery, Stephane Simoens Contemporary Fine art. Knokke (B)

  • 2014. No Cash Value, De Coopertieve. Hasselt (B)

  • 2014. The Morning After, Hotel Bloom, Summer of photography/BOZAR. Brussels (B)

  • 2014. Room Service, De schipperskapel, Brugge (B)

  • 2013. Unintentional paintings and fragile structures, Dynamo. Enschede (NL)

  • 2013. A clean Break, Stephane Simoens contemporary fine art. Knokke (B)

  • 2013. Variations of a Different Kind, SecondRoom. Antwerp (B)

  • 2013. On the Shelf , Pop up Vitrine by Huis Happaert. Antwerp (B)

  • 2012. Mark My Words, Scharpoord Expirimental Art Space. Knokke (B)

  • 2012. Accidentally on Purpose, De Brakke Grond. Amsterdam (NL)

Duo shows

  • 2016. Ephemera-With Tom De Visscher. David vzw. Gent (B)

  • 2014. The Graves Are Nice This Time Of Year-With Jimmy Kets, CC Hasselt. (B)

Group shows

  • 2018. CRAVE. De Kantfabriek. Ninove (B)

  • 2018. The loved, the lost and the forgotten. SPACE Collective/BIB Liege. Liege (B)

  • 2018. As far as the eye can see. Natural/Unnatural. BUDA. Kortrijk (B)

  • 2017. An afternoon in May. Allegrarte. Brussel (B)

  • 2017. Blood/ Transparency. A2Collective. Maastricht (NL)

  • 2017. An afternoon in May/Automat. Maastricht (NL)

  • 2016. Stilleven met 3 graanproducten/MSK Remsasterd, MSK Gent (B)

  • 2016. I did not have time to make this work because of work/ Stulens, Hasselt (B)

  • 2016. The matter at hand / Schaamte, Museum Dr. Guislain, Gent (B)

  • 2016. The Loved, lost and forgotten. (Tigre) /Tumult. Gent (B)

  • 2015. Ons dagelijks brood /Occupied emotions, Broelmuseum, Kortrijk ( B)

  • 2014 Geraldine /Tuinfeest, Museum Dhondt Dhaenens. Deurle (B)

  • 2014. Dolphin Crap, The Cosmic Cesspit, Eugene, Zurich (CH)

  • 2014. A change of scenery, Unknown Masterpieces, Photofestival Knokke Heist (B)

  • 2014. Dolhpin Crap, LNKS, Gent (B)

  • 2014. Simonna/Art Brussels represented by Stephane Simoen, Brussel (B)

  • 2014. The promise of the first line/ It's the poetry, Stupid,Artwall. Gent (B)

  • 2013. Remains of a not so distant past/Kunst Wijst De Weg. Gent (B)

  • 2013. Le Temp Perdu /Bates Motel,SPACE. Liege (B)

  • 2013. Ephemera/LOUNGE#2, curated by Philippe Braem, Le Cloucoff, Brussels (BE)

  • 2013. Broken Treasures. /Art Brussels represented by Stephane Simoen, Brussel (B)

  • 2012. Malady revisited /Fragment Singulier, mairie de 9ème arrondissement. Paris(FR)

  • 2011. Time heals all wounds /I am Hurt, Gallery Jan Colle. Gent (B)

  • 2011. 25 ways to wear a giraffe’s pelvis /Contemporary art ruhr, Weltkulturerbe Zollverein. Essen (D)

  • 2011. Animal testing I /update,Palais im Zoo. Frankfurt (D)

  • 2011. Re:Creation, and other stories /exposition, Kafé Krème. Brussels (B)

  • 2011. Vessel /AAf Bussel,Tour et Taxis. Brussels (B)

  • 2010. Malady /Demonstratie, Sint Lukas Gallery. Brussels (B)

  • 2010. Alicia /Girls and trees, Recyclart. Brussels (B)

  • 2009. Phobias. /Photo finish,Sint lukas. Brussels (B)

  • 2008. Something to celebrate? /explorama ’58,Maison des art. Brussels (B)

  • 2007. Whorehouse /Schaarbeek DoC, De Warande. Brussel (B)




  • 2008-2010: MA in Photography at the Sint Lukas Acadamy of fine arts Brussels (LUCA

  • 2006-2008: BA in photography. Sint Lukas Acadamy of fine arts Brussels (LUCA)