An Afternoon in May is a series of 13 still lifes focussing on a simple cup of coffee.

In this work, Scheurweghs starts from her collection of found footage of family and friends gathering together. For many, the ideal moment to take a picture of the people that they love. The background in these pictures, such as the table with coffee and cakes, is never of any importance to the photographer or the portrayed. In An Afternoon in May, however, Scheurweghs shifts the focus to this backdrop of warmth, showing the beauty in these 'accidential still lifes' that often goes unseen. By removing the unfamiliar faces, Scheurweghs is able to expose a universality that evokes memories in each of us. The theme of the work thus revolves not around coffee, but the intimacies of family life.
Beauty not captures in images, but in the memories they evoke.